Here are some links to clubs available from other providers in our local area.


It is your own responsibility to check if clubs are suitable and appropriate and the Cluster accepts no responsibility on behalf of any club or association advertised on this website.  It is purely for information of what's available for you to make your own choices.


 Clubs in the Community

Tingley Athletic Football Club 

For boys and girls - training, league matches and cup games

Tingley Athletic


Film Club

For 7-18 year olds with complex needs

People Matters

Football Coaching

Boys and girls at Leeds City Council Sports & Leisure Centres

Leeds City Council


Herd Farm Residential & Activity Centre

Young people with disabilities, ages 10-17 years 


Mini Me Time

Child centred activities specifically for 0-5’s in the local area

Mini Me Time 


My Teens and Twenties

Project for Young People with Learning & Other Disabilities aged 14-25 years old

People Matters